Why don’t you just let God watch the game?

Dear Church,

I recently read in my “Holy Humor” book a chapter entitled “Why don’t ya just let God watch the game?” I would like to share a little with you.

In his book “It’s Anybody’s Ballgame”, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster Joe Garagiola has a chapter called “God in a Sweatshirt,” raising some questions about which team God roots for when both sides pray to Him.

He tells this story about his friend Yogi Berra:

When he came up to bat, a baseball player noted for his piousness always marked a cross with his bat in the dirt next to home plate.

When he did this in a game against the New York Yankees, catcher Berra, also a religious man, reached over and rubbed the cross with his catcher’s mitt. Then he said, “Why don’t ya just let God watch the game?”

“Did I pray when I played? Yes, I think most players did, usually during the National Anthem,” writes Garagiola, a former St. Louis Cardinals catcher. “For me, it was a time to meditate, a quiet moment when I could ask God to keep me from injury and let me do my best.

“I think most players today ask for the same things. I can occasionally let a prayer slip out for that base hit that’ll win the World Series or a field goal that’ll win the Super Bowl. “But when it comes to a strikeout, an error, or a slump being God’s will, then I think He’s taking Yogi Berra’s advice and just watching the game. I just can’t believe with all the problems available to Him, God is worried about whether a baseball player strikes out or a football player catches a pass.

“Besides, if prayers really helped teams win, clubs like the Saints, the Cardinals, the Padres, and the Friars would have the edge. Take care of your own, right?” Garagiola also thinks that God is more likely to be in the loser’s locker room. “He’s with those who are suffering, right?”

Pat Kelly, a free-swinging outfielder with the Baltimore Orioles several years ago, was married to a minister’s daughter and always went to chapel before games.
One day, Kelly encountered his manager, Earl Weaver.

“Earl, Kelly said, “I feel great. I’ve just left the chapel, and once again I’ve learned to walk with the Lord.”

“Too bad you didn’t learn how to walk with the bases loaded,” Weaver said.

“When’s the last time you got down on your knees and prayed, Skip?” Kelly asked.

“The last time I sent you up to pinch hit.” Weaver said.

Excerpt from “It’s Anybody’s Ballgame”, Chapter entitled “God in a Sweatshirt” by Joe Garagiola

It’s August, and we’re headed into the dog days of summer. As we live in the new normal, we hope to see our plans begin to unfold again including Sunday School starting back up the beginning of September. I miss the choir specials, and look forward to experiencing that blessing again.

All these adjustments in our lives can be a place that while God’s watching the game, He is also at Work.

How? He helps us realize that our yesterdays are the past, that tomorrow’s the future, and that today is a gift from God!!! That’s why it’s called the Present!!!

Please don’t forget to pick up a name on our Prayer Line for the week. Pray even though we may not know their needs. God does!!!

May we all be a blessing to someone this month!!!

Have a Nice Day,
Bro. Mike